Residenza Sveva

Residenza Sveva - albergo diffuso

Termoli - Molise (Adriatic Coast)

Albergo DiffusoWhat's Albergo Diffuso?

Albergo Diffuso is a horizontal hotel situated in the Historical Centers, with rooms and services dislocate to you in buildings various, even though near between they, than it addresses to a question interested to stay in a city in a fine context, to contact with the residents, have using of of the normal hotel services. The Denomination is a homage to the Sveva dynasty, which the Ancient Village must to its period of greater splendor and the whose historical presence is suggellata from the participations of restructure and fortification that Federico II of Svevia brought in XIII sec. to the Castle. The authenticity of the structure and the positioning in a particular fine historicocultural context, are the elements that of it make sample only of receptivity an alternative. The attention to the variety of the needs of the hosts, through a efficient service of courtesy, and the guarantee of an elevated qualitative standard of the services offers, completes the mission business. Proposing the formula to you of the rooms it is diffused, that it is by now the preferred one from the travellers of all the world, we united offer confort and to the heat of house yours to you to the tradition of a hospitality of high level.